Meditas is a family owned company, founded in 1994 in Podgorica, by Mrs. Branka Ninkovic and Dr. Luka Ninkovic, that started its work with opening one of the first, privately owned, pharmacies in Montenegro.

Today, Meditas employs over 80 people and consists of 9 pharmacies, a Cosmetic center and a Wholesale, covering four markets – Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia&Herzegovina and Albania.


Our mission is to improve our clients’ quality of life, as well as the social and natural environment in which we operate. For this reason, Meditas employs the most competent staff, colaborate only with serious and reputable companies and imports brands with proven quality. Thanks to this kind of work philosophy, through the quality of service and products, Meditas has the ability to give to its clients the best possible care, which represents the basic strenght of the company.


Staying loyal to the family values and long tradition which it lies on, Meditas goes side by side with time and changes. This alows us to set high standards in the environment in which we operate. Through the emphasis on the already proven quality of brands and services that we offer to our clients, we strive to become a symbol of prestigous company which offers a security, making quality, prestige and luxury available to everyone.

Social responsibility

With the emphasis on its customers, Meditas has the obligation to care about the environment, because it directly affects the wellbeing of its clients. Thus, through different kind of activities of humanitarian and similar carachter which can improve the social and natural environment, as well as through the responsible behaviour, Meditas falls under the group of companies that care about their natural and social surroundings.


Gundulićev venac 38, Belgrade

+381 11 3391 394

MEDITAS Montenegro


Oktobarske revolucije 44, Podgorica

+382 20 513 010


Oktobarske revolucije 130, Podgorica

+382 20 625 016

MEDITAS Bosnia&Herzegovina

Dabrobosanska 17, East Sarajevo

+387 57 962 110

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